About VetriScience


VetriScience provides a wide range of products and supplements for dogs and cats. From joint care to behavioral health products, they have got your pet covered, and we supply our clients with a diverse selection of those products;

Composure Pro

Composure Pro is a product that is recommended for behavioral issues such as anxiety that is caused by environmental stressors like car rides, grooming visits, and thunder storms. This product comes in both a chewable for and a tasteless liquid form for our pickier patients. You can find more information on ingredients and product facts here.


MobilityFlex + VetriFlex

These products are both recommended for joint care in our pets who struggle with mobility. Both products act as a joint supplement while also providing support for inflammation. While VetriFLEX is recommended for our patients with long-term joint issues, MobilityFLEX is recommended for those recovering from a surgery or trauma.


Perio Support Pro

Per Support Pro is a great product that is intended to be used in-between your pets routine dental cleanings as added support for healthy teeth and gums. This product helps fight off a build up of plaque and works to prevent bacteria causing bad breath. It is a convenience, easy-to-use powder that can be sprinkled over your pets food.


Derma Strength Pro

Derma Strength Pro is a product used to support the over all structural foundation of your pets skin, inside and out. If your pet has dermatological sensitivities, this would be a great product to try. It is also recommended for pets who may be recovering from a surgery. It comes in a tasty, chewable form for easier delivery.


To find out how to get your pets started on any of these great products, please give us a call. We would love to meet your furry friends and get them on the right track to a healthier life.