About Ceva

Ceva Animal Health is a company that offers a diverse collection of products geared toward helping you and your pet to live in harmony together both at home and on-the-go. Some of the products we highlight here at HVS are geared toward encouraging healthy behavior in your dogs and/or cats. You can find additional information on other Ceva Products here.


Adaptil - Products for Dogs

Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone that mimics the natural pheromone mother dogs give off to their puppies after birth to help them feel calm and secure, though dogs of all ages recognize this scent. This is available in a variety of products, such as wall diffusers, spray, and an on-the-go collar that can be used both indoor and outdoor. We even keep our own clinic stocked with these products, with a wall diffuser in each exam room, surgery recovery room, and our boarding room.



Feliway - Products for Cats

Did you know that when a cat feels calm and comfortable in their own environment, they rub their cheeks on objects within the environment, leaving a facial pheromone on them? Much like Adapil, Feliway is a synthetic copy of that pheromone that can be used to comfort and reassure cats in stressful situations, like being in a cat-carrier or traveling. This product also comes in a spray and a wall diffuser, as well as wipes that can be used in a kennel or carrier. Another great product we offer is Feliway MultiCat, which can assist at home with multiple cats to help them all live peacefully together.